Get Ready for GradeScout 2.0!

GradeScout's first school year is coming to a close, but development is picking up pace. We've learned a lot from GradeScout's successes and shortcomings this year, and we're rewriting the entire app from top to bottom this summer.

The new GradeScout will be less buggy, easier to use, have a ton more features, and will share the same codebase across all platforms — meaning development will be much simpler and faster.

And, yes, this means the long-promised mobile app is coming! Next year, we anticipate that you'll be able to install GradeScout from the App Store and Google Play, complete with mobile notificationss.

We need your input to make the best rewrite possible! Tell us your thoughts on our Discord server. We'll be posting regularly on this blog about our progress.